Monday, 5 October 2009

Random Illustrations

some old random drawings i found lying around on my laptop ...


Juz said...

Greetings from Cape Town.
I love your work. I use to stay in Kingsto-Upon-Thames a few years ago.
Thanks for sharing your work.

Yasmeen Fanari said...

Hello Bahij,

I saw your animation at the OXO tower the other day, and I think that it's very very good.
Are you still in London? I'm doing the same course that you did at Kingston, MA Animation, and I'd like to meet you if you're not already back to Lebanon.

Again, nice work!



Bahij Jaroudi said...

hey yasmeen,

Thank you for your comment ... unfortunatly I'm not in london anymore.
Good luck with your course.

Yasmeen Fanari said...

:( khalas?
and you're not coming back for a visit?

Good luck with your work and your new life.


Anonymous said...

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hanane kai said...

i love the first illustration in this i post! the choice of colors, the lighting and that lantern.. all giving a nice mood :)

viola' said...

I like!!

Meilik Pepper, TheRedHotChiliFleyfleh! said...

hmmmm... is there a co-worker among them??!!!