Saturday, 25 October 2008

ze first post

welcome to "ze blog of ze blog", I will be posting mainly the work I'm doing during my masters degree ... and other stuff too ... I'm gonna try to post as often as possible, but I'm not a consistent person, so we'll see how it goes !


alhaqid said...

YEAH BABY! its ze idea of ze idea that youve got here, dude ;)

ze friend of yours in paris

Meilik Pepper, TheRedHotChiliFleyfleh! said...

I wanna see your name mentioned in a great animation movie in the future (not in THE future!)
You're talented bro.

Anonymous said...

In your tradition of poster making prior to ze movie... where is the poster for the animation to be, that will never materialize? ha ha. Just kiding cool blog, loved the stuff. When will you post ze animations?!
Signed: ze friend of the ze past from ze future zat you are not suposed to be mentioned in! (got it?)
Elle gee

Abeer said...

POST HARDER!!! :D I wanna see more!!! :D Common do it for the "marawi7" (fans)..