Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Agenda Culturel

I was asked to answer 4 questions with my drawings by the "Agenda Culturel", so here they are:

Q1: what is your favorite subject to draw?

Q2: does the perfect woman exist?

Q3: You like cooking, what is your favorite dish?

Q4:What are your ambitions?


Yasmeen Fanari said...

ye7re2 7arishak :D

bahij jaroudi said...

I still don't know what a "7arish" is .. maybe it's valuable and I don't want it to burn :P

Ellen said...

Very funny ambition!!

Jamil R. Lahham said...

I may sound stupid but who is that perfect lady? she does seem hot

bahij jaroudi said...

hey Jamil,

that's haifa Wehbeh, a famous lebanese singer with a beautiful angelic voice .. just kidding, I never actually listened to her :)