Monday, 30 November 2009

Xmas 2009 posters

a couple of posters I designed for this year's Xmas choral concert ... the second one is based on a spanish xmas charol, the lyrics are:

A la rururu, My lovely Jesus,
In sweetest slumber now rest, my dearest.

You elephant so huge, you small mosquito,
Be very still, you must not wake the Nino.


Yasmeen Fanari said...

Hello Bahij,

Nice work!

Can u advise me with something? I wanna move out fro the halls and live in central London, what do you think? is it better or not?
I'm staying in the UK just till the end of course.

Many thanks,

Miz Lucas said...

Dude the one with th e elephant is awesome! hehehe

Yasmeen Fanari said...

yes, I certainly did, If London was Beirut I guess that Kingston will be Shtoura!
But I'm a bit concern about the distance and time, I mean, I don't know whether I'll be spending that much time at the uni or not, during this semester..
But, I assume that you encourage that move :)

TheRedHotChiliFleifleh! said...

Love your illustrations (NOT THE EVENT!!!)

Anonymous said...
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mumu zuzu said...

Love it!
As usual! :))