Wednesday, 18 February 2009

el toro azul

my new short animation ... it's finished ... enjoy
( you can also watch it on youtube:
slightly better quality)


Palestinian Princess said...

very nice work bahij :)

by the way, this is iman from MA screen design

abeer sleiman said...

Hahahaha awesome! i love! I love your style!!! Good job! All of it was great...but the part where the toro turns corners near the man (at the end..) i felt it was abrupt. Bet you had a reason love love!

Delfos said...


That was excellent.

Great blog, man.

joyce said...

I just discovered your blog.... love this work very "De Chirico"!!!

je le savais!!! que tu serai un grand artiste un jour!!!! expo bientôt!!!!!!

bahij jaroudi said...

thanks Delfos and joyce :)