Sunday, 4 January 2009

new project

some pre production work for a short piece of animation.


greta said...

ahhhhhhh bijo shu hayda!! shee kteer 7elo keiiiirsseh!! i'm so happy to finally see your latest work, its super cool and gloriously funny! but above all a true artist's work! tayyib yalla you should make a book.. hmmm i think i know where the inspiration for the man with the "hat" came from hehehe.. the bull is simply beautiful and i still can't get over the black and white drawing.. superb!!

Malek said...

khayye no comment, I love your style :) I wonder what the bull will do once animated!! bass 2009?? we're the 5th and u already started drawing?!!
I love your B/W drawings specially..bass anno kello jayyyyid!

Malek said...

and btw, think I might use your "screaming" B/W character as an artwork/cover album for Michael Jackson's "scream" song on my iPod touch ;)
Amazing drawing bj

noura said...

I love it!!! I love it!!! I love it!!I love ur latest work :)m a big fan!have always been and will always be :)

Alexia Othonaiou said...

They are really cool!

My favourites are the bull and the background!

keep up the good work!